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Beija Flor Jeans
We are driven by our desire to help women look and feel their best. Our slimming silhouettes and extreme comfort fabrics work with your curves, rather than against them.
Bryar Wolf
Based in Bend, Oregon, Bryar Wolf was founded by seamstress and designer, Katie and Ross Lipson. Bryar Wolf focuses on bringing the diversity of culture to your  space through handmade home decor. Each piece of fabric is carefully hand selected from different countries all over the world. Bryar Wolf offers authentic textures and design, giving your space a modern bohemian flare. All items are hand made and one of a kind..
At Eucalypso, we are always pushing the boundaries to create a more comfortable, sustainable type of bedding so you can sleep comfortably every night. We've spent years creating a new type of innovative fabric that is silky soft, breathable, and ultra sustainable. Created in NYC and milled in Austria, our eucalyptus bedding is of the highest quality and thread count. Every aspect of Eucalypso's products has met the most rigorous standards of testing to ensure you the best night of sleep.
The Father’s Daughter woman builds her wardrobe around the unofficial-official LA uniform - The Denim Jean. In our season-less city, jeans and a fresh tee, much like the aesthetic of our childhood, are an immovable fixture. Just as denim is a lifelong fabric, Father’s Daughter creates using old school knits and weaves. Pulling from a smelting of culture, art, times gone by and people, Father’s Daughter is an authentic mash up of vintage and new, classic and playful, feminine, sweet and tomboyish.
feya candles
Buy a candle and feed a child. With every candle purchased, you provide an entire meal to a child in need.  Join us in our mission to make the world a better place.  Each Feya candle is handpoured with 100% soy wax, and a quality certified fragrance oil, top it off with a 100% cotton wick, and you have yourself a simple, clean, beautifully smelly candle.
Gogo Olive
Our aim at Gogo Olive KNITS is to create beautiful and unique products that are completely handmade, ethically produced, fairly traded and bring JOY! There is a sense of joy and achievement in making something beautiful and to a standard of excellence. We want to make products that bring joy to those who purchase or receive them – both through their unique appearance and in the knowledge that it has directly benefited the lives of a family in Zimbabwe. 
INDIGENOUS - Est.1994, we are a fair trade organic vertical supplier that has been leading the way in contemporary hand made fashion. All o ur garments are made with extreme care, luxurious organic fibers and by artisans that are paid a Fair Trade wage. 
#Jelting is more than wearing a stylish, comfortable, grippy belt. It's about living life to the fullest, caring about the future of the planet, enriching the lives of our youth and giving back to those who protect our freedom. When you buy a belt, Jelt will donate to organizations that support veterans, youth and the environment.
A collection that embodies confidence, connection, and giving back, K-DEER activewear stands out from the crowd. Made in the U.S.A. and designed to withstand your sweatiest workouts, you will love the way you feel every step of your fitness journey. Proud to be an inclusive, body-positive brand, we offer sizes XS-4XL in our women’s collection. A portion of proceeds from our Signature Stripe collection is donated to selected charities , bringing awareness to important causes. Giving back is at the heart of everything we do.