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Kevue donates 10% of every sale & 41% of profits to causes that are making the world better.
Donating 10% of sales & 41% of profits to causes.

7 Bracelet - Turquoise


Wear this bracelet to remind yourself that you have the chance every day to choose your mood. Let this be a daily reminder to choose positivity, it's within you. Our newest version features 7 turquoise beads symbolizing friendship, protection and good fortune.

  • 7 Turquoise beads
  • Mixed metals: Hill Tribe sterling silver & gold vermeil 
  • 100% silk thread
  • Packaged in a hand-stamped muslin gift bag, on white card

Tip: Double knot your new bracelet to guarantee that you will be reminded everyday that you have the choice to choose your mood.

*Thread colors may vary slightly

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