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Kevue donates 10% of every sale & 41% of profits to causes that are making the world better.
Donating 10% of sales & 41% of profits to causes.

A Build Your Own Blend Compact


Customize your spirit and create a custom blend with our Build Your Own Compact -

Purchase the refillable Warm Human Compact and fill it with your 3 favorite Wearable Aromatherapy scents.

The Warm Human Refillable Compact is a friendly purse-size 4.25" x 3.6" x .75" and designed to hold 3 Warm Human Wearable Aromatherapy solid scents.

It has a beautiful matte finish with metallic detail, that can easily be wiped off.

The clear window allows you to view your view while the compact stays closed.

The compact has an easy magnetic closure.

You can open and close the tins while they stay put in your compact, and you can easily switch scents at any time.

Storing your blend in the compact helps keep your blend collection together and away from exposure to excess air and preserving the lifespan of your blend.


Make blends for :

  • Better rest and relaxation
  • Energy boost for waking up or working out
  • Feeling sexy on date-night
  • Anti-anxiety and reducing stress
  • Yoga, meditation or mindfulness
  • Enhancing self-confidence
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